July 11, 2023

My Prime Day Picks

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Last night I shared with you what I was going to keep my eyes out today for Prime Day but now that I’ve been texting back and forth with some of my best friends all day about what we’ve found, I figured I’d just throw it all together here on a blog post for you to potentially benefit from too. The short of it, I’ve been hunting for things that we always use up which tend to be the boring adult things with a few finds I’ve been considering purchasing for months. Now that some of those items are on sale, my patience is paying off… Literally. There’s a ton more on the site, of course, but this is just what we needed/I felt was worth purchasing during the sale. Walmart is also having their big sale as well as Nordstrom’s anniversary sale (10/10 recommend buying this car seat during the sale! We’ve done this twice now and are so glad we did!). I haven’t quite looked into those because we don’t need anything but there’s a reminder in case you do!

As always, I can’t thank you enough for using my affiliate links (I make a small commission from your purchase using my links at no extra cost to you!). It is so appreciated by me and my family.

Laneige lip mask – A friend of mine gave me a lovely facial during Valentines Day using all of her own products. She put this on my lips and I have been wanting to get it for myself ever since. It is SOOOOO GOOOOOOOD. It is pretty pricey so the fact that it’s on a good sale makes it even better! It could be a good idea to snag a few to give as Christmas gifts.

Picasso tiles – Ellie was a gifted a huge set of these last year for Christmas and they’re a favorite of hers and her buddies. One of my best friends ordered another set today on sale for her daughter because she’s loving making bigger structures with them now that she’s a bit older.

Lightbulbs – Boring adult things I know but I feel like we’re always needing lightbulbs. These aren’t a huge sale BUT they are 3000 Kelvin which is my absolute favorite in the home! Adjust the lumens for the brightness you desire. Here’s a helpful blog post if you need that broken down.

Rechargeable batteries – We’re always needing these too. They’re a good deal! I wrote about the charger and organization method we use for them here.

Little green machine – I personally don’t own this exact one but have a different (and much older) Bissell carpet/upholstery cleaner that we use all the time. My good friend has this specific one and loves it (she has young kids and multiple dogs and uses this on everything!). I’d definitely consider getting this one if you’ve been in the market for one.

Mop – I talked all about this mop in this post yesterday if you want to read more. The exact one I linked yesterday wasn’t on sale today but this one was the best value for what you get so we ended up snagging this one.

Kindle – I was shocked at the $65 price tag of this Kindle I was eying! It’s going to easily pay for itself within the first month of me using it.

Mirror – We have this mirror hanging at the end of our hallway and we always receive compliments on it. It was a much better deal compared to similar options from other companies. You can hang it on the wall or it has a stand attached to it as well.

Dot markers – Saving for a birthday/Christmas gift. I love that they’re washable and nontoxic.

I hope this helps at least a bit. My advice… Shop quickly and then get lost in a good book or soaking up your precious family! 😉

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