March 23, 2021

My New Favorite Corner + Essential Oil Shelf Options

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The first thing that I did as soon as the walls were painted (and dry) in the office was get this little corner set up. I had been imagining it for months now so to watch it come to life was exciting for me. It might be pretty simple but it houses a few of my favorite things – our essential oils, diffuser, and a bunch of hidden stuff that we use daily for work and play.

Essential Oil Shelf

Stephen and I love this cabinet so much that we bought another one for the opposite side of the office. It’s probably the most functional piece of furniture that we own. As soon as it came back in stock in December, we ordered it. The delivery date keeps getting pushed back (it’s currently the end of May) which is a bummer but we think it’s worth the wait for a second one. We know we’ll be able to use it no matter what house we’re in! It’s always my goal in our house for everything to have a designated spot. Even if the paint is chipping off the walls and the carpet needs to be replaced, all is right in my world if everything has a place. This cabinet helps tremendously with that! We recommend that you secure it to the wall if you have little ones crawling/walking around.

I wanted a place to house our oils (I was gifted all of these from Young Living!) in the office. I always recommend putting them where you’ll use them! This spot is great because I use them in the office all day and it’s a place for us to quickly grab them on “this side” of the house. We’re going to hang up one our printer trays in the hallway once we finish that so we have a spot to house them on that side of the house. It makes it much more convenient when filling up the diffuser or reaching for them if we need something from our “wellness cabinet”. It also doubles as artwork, in my opinion!

Printer Tray

There’s a good bit of wood texture going on in the office so instead of adding some more brown tones, I wanted to add some contrast in texture by using an acrylic shelf. I think it’s really fun in here and definitely FUNCTIONAL! My favorite.

Here are some other essential oil shelf options that I’d put in my own home. You can read all about why we started using essential oils here. I also share daily on @jordyjeanjoyls about how we incorporate them into our daily lives. They have made such an amazing impact on us. We are so grateful for the gift that they are to us and so many others!

Essential Oil Shelf

Brass Oils Shelf | Rattan Shelf | Moon Shelf | Printer Trays (we found ours at vintage stores) | Oval Brass Shelf | Acrylic Shelf | Gold Shelf | 15 Drawer Cabinet

I hope this helped if you’re on the hunt for a new shelf for your oils! If you don’t use oils yet, you should be! I’d love to do this journey with you!

I sincerely appreciate you all shopping through my affiliate links like the ones included in this post. I make a small commission when you purchase through these links at no extra cost to you. These funds help support my family and allow for us to produce better content for you all. I can’t thank you enough for supporting all that we do!

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