January 6, 2021

I’m Excited and Nervous for this Challenge + Printable

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A good friend of mine and I were talking a week or so before Christmas and got on the topic of the 75 Hard Challenge. If you don’t know what it is, it’s a mental toughness challenge (that got pretty famous on Tik Tok apparently) developed by Andy Frisella in which you have to do a set list of things every day for 75 days in a row. You can read all of the details here. My mom had mentioned it to me while I was pregnant and I gave it a quick “nahhhh” but this time around, the thought of doing it made me excited… And nervous.

Before the conversation had ended, Daniella and I agreed that we’d do the challenge together. My brother had planned on doing it anyway so we convinced my parents to join us and here we are! We plan on starting January 10 if you want to join us.

I want to clarify that this is not a weight loss challenge, although people that complete it tend to be in the best shape of their life. While I do have some weight I could lose to feel my best, that is not the reason I’ve decided to do this. The biggest thing for me is that with mamahood my routine went out the window. That is expected with the addition of a new babe, I know, and it’s slowly returning now that we’re sleep training. With the lack of routine though I’ve also lacked self care which has greatly compromised my mental, emotional, and physical state. I’m not just talking a quality hair cut and color. I mean my morning reading time, workouts (I wasn’t cleared to do this until two weeks ago so that’s understandable but I didn’t even set the time aside to get some stretching in!), etc. went out the window. I’m an all or nothing person so a challenge is the easiest way for me to get myself back in line. This is a big challenge, don’t get me wrong, but I think it is one that will come with many, many improvements to our lives.

Here’s how it works – you must complete each of the things on this list daily for 75 days in a row. If you miss any of the tasks, you must restart your 75 days:

  • Stick to a diet
  • 2 x 45 min workouts, one must be outside
  • No alcohol or cheat meals
  • Take a progress picture
  • Drink a gallon of water a day*
  • Read 10 pages of self development book**
  • Jordan addition: pray 10 minutes a day***

* Here’s a really fun gallon water bottle to keep you on track! Daniella got it and loves it. The key is the straw!

** The Bible counts for this! We’re saying a non-fictional book for this task vs. specifically self development. You grow through learning!

*** I am added 10 minutes a day of prayer based on a book I just finished titled I Heard God Laugh. It’s a quick read if you want to amp up your prayer life!

The diet that you plan to stick to is completely up to you. I am not really a fan of “diets” (I don’t even like that word because a diet is really just anything you eat…) because I believe if it’s not sustainable it’s just a quick fix that won’t last so we’re going to focus on a lifestyle instead. Along with that I’m still breastfeeding so I didn’t want to do anything too drastic that could mess with my supply. We’re going to be focusing on consuming all “whole” foods and not buying/consuming any “processed sugar”. Goodness gracious I hate all of these words… Everything is processed by definition, by the way. Even the stuff you pick yourself out of your own garden and rinse off in the sink. Basically we’re going to eat paleo + cheese and yogurt because that is sustainable for us beyond the challenge. If you have no idea what to do, I’d look into tracking your macros or the paleo diet or Whole 30 to start!

Some books I plan on reading:

How we plan to workout:

  • Street Parking WOD in our garage – I’d love to hit my 75 workout milestone!
  • Going for stroller runs/walks with Ellie girl in the BOB
Bob Stroller

Here’s a printable to print out and place on your fridge. I recommend putting it in a plastic sheet protector or laminating it so you can use a dry erase marker on it each week instead of printing out a new one! 75 Hard also has an app that you can download if you wish to keep track of it that way.

Are you up for the challenge? We’re starting January 10! Comment below if you’re in! I won’t be on Instagram until after January 23 but I will definitely be doing the challenge for those 13 days and beyond. Maybe some of us can hop on Zoom together for a workout?!

75 Hard Challenge Printable


I’m so excited to get this show on the road! I think we’re going to experience quite a bit of growth through this experience. Let me know if you have any questions in the comments below! Stay well, friends.

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