October 5, 2018

Friday Favorites No. 10 – the Perfect Cheetah Flats, Budget-Friendly Fall Hat, and Buffalo Check Pillows

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Happy Friday! I’m more happy than normal that we’re here today. This week for some reason I haven’t been able to keep the days straight. I even had to look at my phone yesterday to figure out what day it was because I swore it was Wednesday… That’s pretty bad. With the combination of running a fever this week and constantly feeling like I need to catch up, I’m excited to be able to get out of the office and focus on some things that make me really happy – my family, friends, home, and fall capsule wardrobe! I’m also excited to be sharing what brought my joy this week so let me stop talking and let’s get into this!

Speaking of fall capsule, I’m trying to finalize that this weekend and take photos of it all so that I can get that post out to help you build yours! If you don’t know what the heck I’m talking about read here and here to understand.

If you read this post, you saw the fall capsule wardrobe I created entirely from J. Crew Factory. I didn’t purchase anything at the time when I made that capsule but I did keep thinking about those cheetah flats… This week when I was going through everything and figuring out what I needed, I decided to check out their website and found that they are having a really big sale (which is still active!). I ordered some things to try them out and figured I could return them if I didn’t like them. For the past 5+ years I’ve worn the same pair of cheetah flats from Target that looked very similar to this pair but when I was purging my closet this past spring I decided I needed to part with them considering they were falling apart. At least I got my money’s worth, right? Anyway, as I was building my capsule this year I figured I’d be fine without them since I have these favorites of mine (I JUST NOTICED THEY’RE 30% OFF WITH CODE ONYOURMARK! I’m a true size 8 but I needed an 8.5 in these so I would suggest sizing up a half size. These rarely ever go on sale! I’m excited for those of you that will take advantage of it. HA!) but when I saw that these cheetah flats were on sale I ordered them just to see if I’d like them since I’m pretty picky about cheetah print. I honestly figured I wouldn’t like them and I’d return them anyway. YOU GUYS! They are so perfect. They are going to go with everything and I know I’ll get years and years of use out of them. I love me some pointed toe shoes because it elongates the legs and the print is not cheap/tacky looking (which is typical for a lot of cheetah prints in my opinion). They also can easily be dressed up or down. Needless to say, I will be keeping these and they will be in my fall capsule wardrobe.

I’ve been wanting to get a hat for fall for a while now but haven’t been able to find one that is less than $45. I just couldn’t justify spending that on a hat but when I found this one on Amazon, I decided to try it out. It’s SO CUTE and I’m pretty sure it’s just as good of quality as the $45+ hat would be.  I’m so excited to wear this all season long. I ordered it in the camel color because it’ll go with practically everything but the black is also adorable. The belt part on it does come off easily if you aren’t interested in it!

Another great Amazon find… I found these a couple of months ago on Amazon but they had been sitting in my cart up until the other day when I decided to get them. Like the hat, I was pleasantly surprised with the quality especially considering their $14.99 for two price tag. They are thick, have great zipper on them, and look a lot bigger than I expected even though I never really buy anything smaller than 20 x 20″ pillows, which is how big they are. I mentioned this on stories but I try to only buy pillow covers because of a few reasons: pillows can be really dang expensive so buying just the cover saves a good bit of money, they take up much less space, and they are easily washable. These covers in particular are great to have as part of your “decor capsule” because buffalo check can be used for every season! Head over to @jordyjean to see a close up of the pillows and find out where I found the precious watercolor pumpkins pictured below.

  • Trader Joe’s Pumpkin Coffee + Tea

A friend of mine told me that I would love this coffee and man were they right. We did our annual pumpkin Trader Joe’s shopping haul two weeks ago and picked this up and every morning it brings me joy. I love the tea too! I enjoy having a cup of that in the evening while we’re winding down since I limit myself to only a cup of coffee in the morning. 😉

  • Adi Pupta

Of all the things that bring me joy, this chick is at the top of the list (with Stephen, of course). She has made me laugh more times than I have fingers in just this past week alone. She’s quite the funny one. Did you see the video of her carrying her food bowl around? What a ham…

We had her 6 week post-op appointment and x-rays this week (if you don’t know, she tore her ACL so she had TPLO surgery in August) and we were so excited to hear that she’s healing up really nicely. In fact, she’s “way above average” for the amount of muscle she has grown back already. That’s probably because we can’t stop her from doing this….. (see below) She’s still not back to 100% yet but she’s on track to be there in the next several months. Overall she’s extremely happy and is moving around much better than before so we’re extremely happy too.

Of the many things, those are the main things that made me smile throughout the week. What brought you joy this week?

I hope you all had a really good week and have an awesome weekend!

with joy
jordan jean


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