September 25, 2017

Fall Decor Favorites Roundup

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Happy Monday! Since it’s officially my favorite time of the year, I wanted to share some of my fall decor favorites with you all! Decorations can be so expensive so I really try my best to find the best deals or just make the decorations myself. I’m all about a good deal! The upside is that for the most part, decorations can be reused year after year so the price can be “worth it”.

I’ve always admired how my mom makes the house look different every year. She started her collection of decorations well before my brother and I were born and has added to it little by little. Even though most of the decorations are the same, she arranges them differently or in different locations throughout the house. She gets so into it that she’ll spend days, even weeks until everything is the way she wants it to be. We were talking about decorating last week and she said, “it might sound crazy but it just makes me happy so I do it.” Considering how much I love a holiday spirited home, it’s safe to say my mom passed her love of decorating onto me.

We’re actually going to start packing up our entire house in the next couple of months so I have to keep the decorations light this year. However, it’s super easy to get in the spirit with a few fall pillows, candles, decorative pumpkins, and leaves! If I could go “all out” I’d definitely consider the options I’ve tagged below. They’ll definitely get the house into the spirit of pumpkin spice everything in no time!

Where I shop for fall decor:


T.J. Maxx

At Home


Michael’s (Currently 50% fall decor!)

Hobby Lobby


Pottery Barn (Budget permitting)

Thrift Stores!

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  1. […] I’m fairly certain this could easily make the favorites list every week for the next 6ish weeks. I went to Lowe’s the week and got some Hokie colored mums to add to the front door decorations as well as an Evergreen + Spruce candle there for $6. That’s some of the best money I’ve ever spent. That candle is amazing! This time of year makes my heart giddy. […]

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