May 8, 2020

Changes I’ve Made to my Curly Routine + Video

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In August of last year I shared my curly girl routine HERE that I had been using for about 6 months at that point. It was a very long and detailed post with a video included so if you’re just getting started with your own curly girl journey, I suggest starting there! In the months following that post, I didn’t experiment a ton or try too many new products. What I was doing worked so I stuck to it. I also hate the thought of buying a bunch of products that won’t get completely used up AND I’m pretty picky about what products we bring into our home at this point so I just don’t consider changing much until I run out of what I have.

Even though I wasn’t taking the time to blow out and style my hair like I did before I started the Curly Girl Method (CGM), the curly routine that I was doing originally still took me a quite a bit of time on wash days. It takes forever for my hair to dry, diffusing or not, and I’ve just gotten to the point where it’s really not a priority for me at this point in my life to stand there for over 40 minutes while diffusing it. I’d rather be getting work done and using that time to support other people/families through my businesses. ALSO, with our Tupta Tot on the way, I know that the likelihood of me getting the chance to follow that routine and completely diffuse my hair let alone get any work done is very slim. BUT I also don’t want to look like a complete mess (I actually get more work done when I’m put together anyway… Anyone else?) so I decided to experiment a little bit with my routine. What I found is that with this new routine, my curls were more bouncy and it saved me so much drying time.

The two biggest differences now are that I “wet plop” my hair (a great video on how to do this HERE) with a cotton t-shirt after I wash and before adding product to remove a good bit of moisture and I haven’t been using curl clips. There’s no specific reason that I plop before adding product (now that I’m saying this I’m going to experiment today with adding product before) other than I’ve had some of my greatest wash days since I started doing this so I continued with it.

Mainly because of time and because I don’t have much issue with volume, I also haven’t been clipping my hair. Instead, I’ll just gently flip my part about every 10 minutes or so as my hair is drying. I find that it gives me plenty of volume on the top and again, I don’t have to take the time to mess with the clips as the cast forms.

The changes I’ve made recently might not work for you or maybe my curls are a bit too ‘untamed’ or ‘crazy’ for your liking. That’s okay! That’s the fun part about curly hair – it can be so different. Some wash days are going to be sucky or just “meh…” like the one I had in the video I shared on here (I think that was mainly due to me sleeping on it). Embrace what you’ve been blessed with!!! This whole journey is full of experimentation and growth. Right now with the weather, my lifestyle, the amount of hair I have, etc. this is what is working for me!

The curly routine I’ve been using recently:

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Products I used or mentioned in the video:

I won’t be surprised if in another 6 months from now I have a completely different routine to share. I will say, I am interested in trying the Innersense Organic Beauty line once I run out of what I currently have. If I do, I’ll make sure to update you on how it goes!

I hope this helps. Please let me know if you have any questions by commenting below or messaging me on Instagram @jordyjean. Stay well!

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