August 31, 2017

Celebrations, Cookies, and Crepes – August 2017

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I can’t quite wrap my head around the fact that it’s already August 31. Summer is practically gone but there are two really exciting things about that… 1. FOOTBALL!!!!!! The Hokies play WVU this Saturday and we’re so stinking excited. 2. Fall is in 22 days. TWENTY TWO DAYS! Time to break out the pumpkin spice, folks.

August. Hmm… Well to be honest it wasn’t the most adventure packed month ever but we got to see a lot of friends and family so that was definitely the best and most exciting part!

Pittsburgh – Stephanie & Matt’s Wedding

We started out the month by heading back to the east coast to go to Stephen’s sister’s wedding. Before I get to the wedding part though, let me tell you about the mess it was to get to the airport. It was a red eye flight from Phoenix to Pittsburgh with a layover in Detroit. The flight departed at 10:25 PM so we planned to drop Adi off at our friend’s house and leave about two hours ahead of time. It took a little while to say bye to the puppy but eventually we were on our way. Let me set this straight and maybe some people will disagree but the Phoenix Airport is just absolutely terrible! You can be “at” the airport but still have a 30 min drive until you’re at the correct parking gate. Anyway, we finally parked and quickly got the bags out of the trunk and were on our way to check the bag. The line was so incredibly long it was such a surprise considering it was 10 o’clock at night. Needless to say, we made it on the plane in time but as we were about to take off I realized I was missing something… I’m laughing because you’re probably guessing it was my wallet or something actually important but no, it wasn’t. It was the iced sugar cookies that I had spent hours and hours working on for Stephanie’s wedding (the sharks planes were for Stephen’s squadron). I mean, these were no joke. I tried multiple recipes until I came up with the perfect one! Stephen had put them on the floor in front of the back seat and since it was completely dark he didn’t see them when we got the bags. He felt so bad for forgetting them. On the bright side, we were on our way to Pittsburgh! By the way, this was our first plane ride EVER together. “Doesn’t Stephen fly planes for a living?” Oh the irony…

In case you’re wondering why I would bring cookies to my sister-in-law’s wedding, here a sign from our own wedding explaining the Pittsburgh cookie table tradition. Basically, it’s dozens and dozens of cookies for the guests made by the mother of the bride, aunts, sisters, cousins, etc. It’s the best thing ever.

We had so much fun in Pittsburgh it was sad to leave. Time always goes by so fast with things like that! It’s like you blink and it’s all over. We arrived Friday morning after flying all night, helped get stuff ready, took a short nap, and then went to the rehearsal dinner at a local Italian restaurant. The food leading up to the pizza was so good I didn’t even have a slice. What in the world?! Who am I? That night I think Stephen and I fell asleep in like 30 seconds flat. We were so exhausted after running on only a couple of hours of sleep. Saturday morning we went out to breakfast to my favorite breakfast place quite possibly ever- Pamela’s. Mr. Tupta knows how much I love it so he always makes it a priority that we go get some blueberry hotcakes and potatoes when I’m there.

With very full and happy bellies, we went hope to relax for a few minutes before we had to start getting ready. I loved being around Stephanie and her bridesmaids that day. It flooded me with memories from our wedding only three short months ago and I couldn’t help but so filled with joy for her. It’s just such an exciting day.

The wedding itself was absolutely stunning! I didn’t have my phone on me for most of the night because I was too busy dancing, devouring cookies, and smoking my first cigar with the boys. Would smoke one again? Probably not. Do I hate the way it smells? No! I actually think it smells pretty decent but the time spent with Stephen, Mr. T, and my brother and sister-in-laws was even better.

Sunday we spent the day with family. My best friend, Jess, came to hang out with us for a bit which was really great since she was heading back to school soon. Once again, the time always goes by too fast but it was good to see her for a few hours. We headed back to Phoenix and our pup that night. Do you want to know the funniest part? The cookies didn’t melt ONE BIT! Temperatures were easily over 104*F that weekend and they still survived! I wish they could’ve made it to the wedding but Stephen and I were certainly happy to enjoy them on the drive home.

My 25th Birthday

I wish I had more to say about this but there’s really not much. Stephen and I went out to breakfast at a local crepe and coffee shop in the area. It was super yummy! They serve this coffee drink called Helado that I’m pretty sure was basically a milkshake. Either way, I was smitten. My mom also had a carrot cake (an inside joke with her and one of my favorites) shipped to me that was so meaningful and delicious. Other than eat, we pretty much just watched “The Office” and Stephen made me dinner that night. Like I said, nothing too exciting.


What was exciting, however, was Erin coming into town! Not only was it a crazy adventure to actually get her to our house (click here to read why) but she’s also one of my favorite people to be around. We always have such a good time together and she is constantly, I mean CONSTANTLY pushing me to be a better person and more importantly, daughter and sister in Christ. I look up to her in so many ways.

We got to spend a couple of days together and unfortunately a lot of it was spent dealing with my car issues. Besides that we went to our favorite restaurant for breakfast and watched almost all of Riverdale together from start to finish while eating a rotisserie chicken and caesar salad. Typical Jordan and Erin.

Highlight of her visit: I had two flat tires in the Costco parking lot and I had to drive the car over to Discount Tires across the street. Erin and Stephen drove the entire time behind me laughing and videoing me. Oh, and a guy ran up to me to tell me I had a “completely flat tire.” Thank you kind sir, I’m certainly aware *as I’m sitting sideways in my car*. But oh wait, it gets better. The next day we were on the way to get breakfast and I’m literally turning off of my street and we hear a clank clank clank noise. I’m like oh goodness gracious what now and I looked in my rear view mirror to see my hub cap in the road. I started to turn around just as another car was coming into the neighborhood and I said, “Oh please don’t hit it please don’t hit it.” What happens… The person runs RIGHT OVER IT. I mean bulls eye type of accuracy. The thing was crushed. We laughed so hard it hurt. But wait, it’s not over. We continued on our drive to breakfast (still laughing) and this bird was freaking out flying in the road. We were both watching it thinking, “What is going on with that bird?” It was so close to hitting the car next to me but it flew out of the way and then what did it do? IT FLEW RIGHT INTO MY CAR. Literally right into it. It completely knocked the Arizona dust off of the door. Oh my goodness we both just lost it. Those were some hearty hearty belly laughs let me tell you… Those few days were so eventful.

This is the only picture we got together. We’re the worst at remembering to get them! This partner WOD was so fun though!

Buying a Car

Surprise! After talking about it for years now, Stephen and I finally bought a new car and traded in my beloved Duckie. I’ll explain more later! It’s certainly an exciting time but holy camoly Batman car searching and buying can be so draining!

That’s August 2017 in a nutshell! September is going to be full of adventure and for lack of a better word, adulting (eeeek!). We look forward to sharing the highlights with you next month!

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