August 1, 2018

Walmart Wednesday – Home Decor I’m Eyeing

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Hey guys! A couple of weeks ago I shared a picture of myself working on a project in our room. In it I was wearing a top I purchased for $5 from Walmart in the picture. It’s one of my favorites! Then I went to go search for a link for you all, which I found here, and I kind of got lost on the website for about an hour looking at various things. I knew that Walmart was stepping up their game just based on what I was seeing in the store but I didn’t realize how many cute things they also offer online! I’m so impressed, especially in the home décor. Today, I wanted to share my top picks and some things I’m eyeing with you all.

I can’t get over how inexpensive some of these items are. I have been eyeing ruffle sheets/duvet covers for the guest room makeover at other stores but was so disappointed in the prices. Everything is just so expensive and a lot of the time, the quality isn’t up to par. When I found these ruffle sheets at Walmart I was shocked! Aren’t they so cute?! I think when the budget allows, I’m going to order them for myself to see how the quality is. I’m most likely going to have to snag the chambray ticking stripe duvet cover as well. Ticking stripe AND chambray?! That has my name all over it…

Home Decor

I am having such a good time doing posts like these. I hope you all are enjoying them too. If you happen to purchase something for your home that I’ve featured here, I want to see! I’d also love to share it on my stories!

  • Ruffle Sheets – These + the duvet in the guest bedroom….?
  • Cambray Duvet – I’m seriously considering this…
  • Black Frame
  • Wood Frame – I’m thinking about doing a gallery wall with these or the black ones! The price is really great compared to other options I’ve been researching.
  • Curtain Rod – I’ve been eyeing this for the guest bedroom.
  • Placemats – We love these! So much so that I purchased 8 in case we have a bunch of people over!
  • Black & Gold Lamp – Isn’t this so cute!?
  • Blue Pillow
  • Woven Basket – This would be great in the bathroom!
  • Rug – I just love the way this rug looks and how it would contrast with lighter colors.
  • Wire Basket – These would be perfect for the pantry.
  • Pillow – Can’t beat the price!
  • Glass Lamp
  • Wood Lamp – I was really impressed with the quality of this in the store.

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