February 17, 2019

The Exclusive Jordan Jean Facebook Community!

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Facebook CommunityI know, I know. If you follow me on Instagram stories, you know about this group already. I’m so excited for its potential though that I just had to share about it on here too!

Benefits of joining the exclusive group:
  • Community + fellowship. This is the greatest benefit of them all. A group that can seek joy in their hearts and homes together? Sign me up. We are all so far apart from each other so this is just a very small way it can feel like we’re welcoming you all into our home for great conversation and growth!
  • Live chats with you all. I believe these would be SO beneficial and fun! I’ll sit down at a planned time and address any questions you have, provide advice on how I would decorate your space if you’re having trouble, provide suggestions, etc. Whatever we want it to be. It would be like me writing a blog post but instead, having a conversation with you all about it live.
  • Ask questions and get answers! Not only will I be able to answer any questions you have but as the community grows, we’ll have more and more people join us which means more opportunity for *respectful* opinions. I’m in another group like this and I love to see posts when people ask something like, “I want to paint my front door a shade of blue. Do any of you have blue doors? Will you share a photo of it and the color?” Below the question you’ll find dozens of comments with pictures and suggestions for blue paints. How fun and helpful is that?! I love that so much.
    • I will also feature you all (with permission) on the blog. Let’s say for instance you’re having trouble on a room and need help with a design plan. I’ll make a design plan for you and help you through the design process. Eventually we’ll end up with a room you love and a blog post to share the beautiful space.

How to join the exclusive Facebook group:

  1. Subscribe to the blog! On the main page you’ll see a section on the right side that says, “Join us!” Fill out those sections and click ‘sign up’ to subscribe. You must be subscribed to the blog in order to be in the Jordan Jean Community. When you subscribe to the blog you’ll receive freebies (I have so many free printables heading your way!) and be the first to know when new content is released!
  2. Request to join the group by clicking the link HERE.

I’m so excited for you all to join us. As always, let me know if you have any questions. I hope you have a great day!

with joy
jordan jean


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