May 21, 2018

Social Media Free Weekends

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Why I am social media free on the weekendIt has been about a month now since I decided to be social media free on the weekends and let me tell you… It has been great! It’s honestly pathetic I’m even having to say any of that. That I’ve had to ‘limit’ myself from it or that creating this limit for myself has had a great impact on my life. How stupid that I let it get to this point? The thing is though… I know I’m not alone on this one. Maybe you’ll join me in going social media free weekends! Here’s why I made the change:

  • I want to spend as much time with Stephen as I can. I know that this time with him is sweet. He could TDY (For non-military friends out there- TDY is a temporary duty which is basically a short deployment. “Temporary” in the military has a very loose meaning. They can range for days to months.) at any point and we know he will deploy for 6+ months eventually. With that always in the back of my mind, I don’t want to spend the time we do have together on my phone. I also try not to be on my phone during the evenings after we’re both home from work.
  • Since we moved into the new house Stephen and I have been using almost every spare minute we have during the weekends to work on some projects. We have a blast. We were talking about it the other day and how much we thoroughly enjoy doing this stuff together. I’d rather work on all of our projects and accomplish goals with him instead of being on my phone. Also, we wouldn’t get anything done if I was just sitting around on Instagram!
  •  I think society in general spends too much time on the phone. It’s an epidemic, quite frankly. I’m so guilty of doing it too! Depression rates have climbed, people are comparing themselves to the tiny unrealistic squares they see. Enough is enough. Getting off the phone on the weekends is an easy way to reduce the hours spent staring at a screen.
  • Sometimes it’s (dang) nice to get away. I wrote this post a couple of years ago about living life without a phone. It’s an oldie but goodie. My phone basically drowned one summer so I was without one for a month+. Now that I have a phone again, I wanted to continue living that way somehow and getting off of social media on the weekends is an easy way to do that. It makes me appreciate everything more. Including social media! Monday morning is somewhat of a little celebration for me… I’m like OOO! Let’s see all of the exciting stuff that happened this weekend! I guess that too is a little “pathetic” that it is exciting for me but at the same time social media brings me joy because I decided a while ago that if any account didn’t do just that, then I would unfollow them. So I did and this teeny tiny part of my world has only been a source of joy ever since.

Now, I want to point out that I don’t treat social media free weekends like it’s a big deal. I don’t go radical and lock my phone up or delete all of my apps. Maybe that’s what you feel like you need to do and that’s fine! For me though, I just say I’m not going to get on so I don’t and frankly, I’d rather be doing other things with my time. If I need to get on for some reason, for example, if I need to watch a tutorial on Instagram or look at a picture as an example for something I’m working on, I will. I just try to keep it at a minimum. I watch the tutorial or look at the picture and get off. I still text and talk on the phone because I don’t spend hours upon hours doing that anyway. Like I said… I don’t go radical with it. The point for me is just to spend as little time on it as possible so that I can spend more time doing what I love with the person/people/puppies I love and doing what I love. Maybe it’s not the smartest business decision in the world considering this little side of hustle of mine but life is way too short for me to care!

Have you thought about going social media free on the weekends? I know that some people are concerned that they’ll miss out on something but my thought is… If we all get off then there’s nothing to miss, right?! 😉

P.S. Stephen and I didn’t just randomly pop out a precious 2 year old baby girl. HAHA! This is my precious little buddy (BFFs/neighbors baby), Lorelei! We had a BLAST planting herbs together one Sunday. Adi helped a little too…

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