September 9, 2019

Simple Yet Festive Fall Decor

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Fall is approaching! Praise God! I know a lot of people that have already decked the halls with pumpkins, bats, and spiders galore but we haven’t reached that point over here. I don’t think we will until the beginning of October *gasp*!

I guess technically part of my job as a blogger is to be ahead of the game on this stuff to provide inspiration for you guys. As much as I love you all and this job, it’s just not something I’m going to be able to do this year (Christmas on the other hand…). As I write this, it is 94ºF outside. I know that doesn’t stop a lot of people but it is for me! If I put a pumpkin outside that thing will be rotten in two days. I can’t do that to those poor things!

Along with that, it’s just not in the budget. As I’ve said before, it’s a huge priority to us to run my businesses completely debt free. I don’t plan on doing a ton and want to keep it simple but even with that in mind, there are a couple of things I’d like to add to our home, such as dark pillows, and we don’t have those so it’s going to cost some money to get some! I’d also rather save up the money to use it on Christmas decor that I’ve been eyeing for (literally) years. So there’s that.

I know that I don’t need to justify myself to you all. I get that. However, I do feel bad for not providing some fall inspiration for you all earlier and I also want to say these things to encourage you in a few ways. First of all, you do you. If you don’t want to put up anything at all, don’t. If you feel like just putting one pumpkin and one pumpkin only on your porch, you go for it. Second of all, if you’re in a season of saving or paying off debt, do not I repeat DO NOT succumb to the pressure of our spend spend spend culture. Keep your eyes on the finish line. You can do it. 

This year I’m keeping it simple and fun with some pops of color! I try to use as much as we already own as I possibly can when it comes to the holidays and this will be no different. However, I do plan on getting this cute watercolor printable for only $5. I love all of the colors in it! I’ll probably frame it over our stove. Once it gets a little bit cooler out, I’ll definitely be adding some pumpkins around here. I’m thinking of going with the classic orange and maybe a few white ones here and there. I’m loving the contrast between the vibrant orange against white this year. Some other really easy ways to add in fall – bring out your cookbooks and use them as decorations! Also swap out some of your “summer vibe” pillows and throws for darker, moodier ones. I really loved this Anthro pillow that could be used for multiple seasons throughout the year. If I get it, I’ll even keep it on the couch for Christmas time this year! Hint hint for where I’m headed decor wise for that season…

I probably will keep our front porch simple this year too. I already finished our window boxes for the fall with some kale and pink and maroon colored flowers that I’m hoping will last us through the winter. I can’t go without getting some mums though… I’m hoping to use orange and pink ones by the front door in some big terracotta pots. Very simple yet festive.

watercolor printable | glass pumpkin | cookbook | cookbook | runner | small polka dot pillow (more expensive than what I’d typically spend but I really like this company and their mission) | black pillow | Anthro pillow (again, on the expensive end but would be used practically all year long)

I hope that provides some inspiration for you all this year. Have you already started decorating or plan on doing it soon?

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