November 27, 2018

Our First Christmas Tree

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Happy Tuesday! This is the first Christmas season Stephen and I have ever celebrated together in our own home. It’s so exciting to let you all in and to share this room and our first tree with you all. I hope it inspires you in some way as you start decorating in your own homes!

Christmas Tree

There is an endless number of color schemes to decorate with for Christmas but Stephen and I love the classic red and green so it only made sense we decorated using those colors for our first year. We also barely had any decorations AT ALL when we started so we essentially started from scratch. The only things we owned were the red Merry Christmas pillow below, our nativity scene, and a couple of small flocked Christmas trees.

Garland Mantle

The first Christmas decor we put up was our olive wood nativity scene. I placed some cotton underneath it and then I hung up some twinkle lights over it by sticking some small Command hooks to the bottom of the shelf and putting a Command strip on the back of the battery pack. It is our favorite thing in the entire house.

The lights I used are from Target but THESE are so much better (they’re the ones on our bar cart).

Our nativity scene was an investment but it was worth every penny. I found an almost identical one HERE.

Christmas Mantle

For the top shelf, I placed some clippings from the tree outside in a jar, with two wooden trees and Stephen’s smoker men. In the bottom shelf, Stephen set up a mini village with a few clay houses ($1.97 from Walmart that I intended to paint white but Stephen wouldn’t let me 😉 ). We both felt like there was something missing when he finished so I decided to hang up some ornaments on string using tape. It’s eclectic and we love it.

Christmas decor

Christmas bar

For our Christmas mantle, I connected two of THESE garlands in the middle of the mantle and then supplemented it with some faux eucalyptus stems and pinecones. I love how full it turned out!

Stephen and I picked out all of our stockings together at Target on our “we need to get Christmas decor” day date. We had so much fun! We decided we didn’t want them to match so we brought home a striped, navy sweater, red sweater, and white knit (I like this one better than ours!) stockings. We hung them with THESE holders and I added some bows with red satin ribbon.

Christmas Mantle

Our first Christmas tree! We’ve been trying to get THIS tree for two years now (every year Stephen went to get it, it was sold out) and luckily, they still make it and we were finally able to snag it on sale. I used two different ribbons I found at Home Goods and Walmart (how I put the ribbon on the tree is in my Instagram highlights) and variety of ornaments we purchased from Walmart, Target, Hobby Lobby, and Joanne’s. The tree skirt was not intended for this tree but it worked and we just haven’t moved it so it will stay put for this year.

Christmas Tree

We also picked out our tree topper together and agreed on THIS star. It even lights up!

Christmas tree

And of course… Our favorite little nook. Every time I look at this corner it makes me happy. Stephen did such an amazing job!

Reading Nook

I look forward to showing you some more of our Christmas decor this week. As always, thank you for your support.

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