April 5, 2018

Modern Farmhouse Bathroom all from Amazon

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Modern Farmhouse Bathroom

If you’ve followed along on some of my Instagram stories, you know about the rug debacle in the master bathroom (which I still haven’t solved by the way). For some reason, I’m having a really hard time figuring out which direction I want to go with that space. I do know though that I want our master suite to be special with a tad bit more elegance compared to the rest of the house but yet still have a farmhouse feel. Maybe that’s why I’m having some trouble with it…

A friend of mine reached out to me yesterday to find out where I purchased the hardware that I shared here. I’m really not a huge gold person actually but for some reason I just loved the color of this hardware as soon as I saw it so I snagged it up and figured I’d deal with the rest of the room later. At least I have one thing figured out, right? I do have to admit though, putting this design board together really challenged me, specifically because of this hardware. In the design board it seems to have much more of a copper tone than it does in real life. I kept trying different fixtures, colors, textures, you name it until I eventually had to go into our bathroom to realize it actually wasn’t that “orange” in real life. I knew I wasn’t going crazy…

Even though I’ve created this design board, I can’t say for sure that I’ll go in this direction with the bathroom. That doesn’t surprise me one bit though (and I’m sure not Stephen either). That’s just kind of how I am with design… I ponder over these spaces for days on end, move things around way too many times, buy something that I believe might work, realize it doesn’t fit my vision, return it, repeat that a few more times, and then go back to my vision again… It really never ends but I love it! It keeps my creativity flowing freely and brings me so much joy to share more and more of it on here with you all. With all of that said, I’m really loving the way this looks so far!

Oh, and in case you’re thinking, “Your bathroom vanity is gray, not white.” Yes, you’re correct. I’m sure I’ll talk more about that later once I think about it a little bit more…

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Modern Farmhouse Bathroom

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