March 9, 2023

Introducing the Jordan Jean Sourdough Kit!

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These are currently SOLD OUT!

One of my greatest joys in the past few years has been starting, learning, failing, failing some more, and on some days mastering the art of sourdough (and sharing about it with you!). Many of you have seen me make dozens of loaves just in this last year… Oh how I wish I could have you all in my kitchen baking with me! Since that’s not possible, the next best thing is to get my sourdough starter, Carolina (I started her back in our South Carolina home years ago and moved her here to Mississippi with me! Thanks for naming her, Antra!), into your hands for you to make your own loaves (and more)! It’s *almost* as good as getting to break bread together in person. At least with using my starter and recipe, you know that when you slice open that warm, fresh bread, and slather on some butter you’ll be tasting almost exactly what we enjoy as a staple in the Tupta home.

Sending just a starter in an envelope didn’t feel too fun or functional enough, so I decided to make some things to help you as you start your sourdough baking journey. In the kit I’ve included the basics you need to get started: Carolina dehydrated sourdough starter, a large jar, a reversible jar bonnet (I sewed each one myself!), and three recipe cards to get you from dehydrated starter to loaf out of the oven and beyond. Each kit is $40 + free shipping and quantities are limited.

To purchase your sourdough kit, please fill out this form.

I sewed each bonnet myself and they are reversible! One side for the neutrals lover and the other for those that love a fun pattern + pop of color! I hope it brings you joy every time you see it on your counter!

Comment below if you have any questions about the kit or ordering! I’m more than happy to help and SO EXCITED for you to get these in your hands!

To purchase your sourdough kit, please fill out this form.

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  1. Crystal says:

    Well that’s just the cutest!! Love the little toppers. I enjoy baking yeast bread and just haven’t taken the time to add sourdough to my kitchen but this is such a fun way someone could. You’re so creative!

    • Jordan Jean says:

      You’re so kind, Crystal! Thank you!! YOU CAN DO IT! I have a post coming all about that topic soon 😉

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