March 10, 2023

Guest Bathroom Progress + Serena & Lily Sale Picks

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We’re making progress on the bathroom. We’re not as far along as we wanted to be at this point but we’re alright with that. We have a lot of LIFE happening at the same time (make sure to subscribe to receive our weekly newsletter with those deets!) and we’re just… Tired! That being said, we are planning on finishing the grout tomorrow morning and finishing up some trim work. Once that’s done we can start putting the room back together and it should be functional by the middle of next week.

We finished up the shower grout last week and then got to wallpapering on Saturday. I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again, need some DIY marriage work? Take on a wallpapering project together and that’ll happen real quick. Fortunately the wallpaper we used in here is much easier to install than this wall paper, for example. But when the last piece got up we called it quits on the bathroom for the weekend and decided to go get some of the Lord’s chicken (Chik-Fil-A, of course). This week he knocked out the electrical and the bead board! As Stephen says, “We’re getting there, Jordy Jean!”

One snag we’ve run into… Stephen forgot that we planned on doing a scone on each side of the mirror as shown in our design plan and it’s going to be way too difficult to go back and fix that now especially since the wallpaper is installed. It’s all good. These things happen. I went ahead and ordered this one to go above the mirror and it should be here later this week.

Serena & Lily has a sale going on right now! I won’t deny that the brand is pricey. BUT I also know that what they offer is not only timeless but it is phenomenal quality and if treated well, can last for years and years (if not decades). They have sales pretty often and so when I have my eye set on something, I save up for the item and wait for it to go on sale. Here are some of my favorites, including wallpapers that I’d stick in my own home (I’m running out of rooms!) in a heartbeat. Use code SPRING for 20% off!


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  1. Katy says:

    Hey friend! Loving the bathroom so far (I also showed Luke for some inspo for whenever we decide to upgrade the builder grade bathrooms in the new house)! For the hampers, what size are the two you have in your bedroom? Med & large?

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