April 17, 2018


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Modern Farmhouse IKEA HaulLast Saturday Stephen and I drove the couple of hours to go shopping at IKEA. We walked into the bustling store with a list, budget, and full bellies (because Lord knows hangry Jordan is the worst person to shop with). We love IKEA because they have so much stuff that is very reasonably priced. Heck, we even waited until we went to IKEA to get a salad spinner that Stephen has been wanting for almost a year because we knew it would be so much cheaper! It’s so great. It’s like a human version of PetSmart HAHA!

Since we wanted some things for the new house and of course we have a budget to stick to, we thought about it and researched it until we decided that IKEA would be the best place to go. Overall, we did a decent job of sticking to our list but we did push it to the limit with our budget. There were a few things we were going to get but we decided to hold off until May/June when there’s a little bit more wiggle room. We won’t be buying anything else for the house this month. That’s okay though! We have enough we need to do without buying anything more for now.

Anyway, here’s what we picked up!

Modern Farmhouse Ikea Finds

  1. Ektorp Chair – Ignore the fact that I need to iron ours. Whoops! I was just so excited to get it set up and sit down on it. HA!
  2. Ektorp Ottoman – same as above…
  3. Kullen Dresser – a little DIY update coming soon! We have been trying to find one at a thrift store and haven’t been able to find a good deal. $39 for this couldn’t be beat and I’m going to make some really easy changes to it that’ll make it more our style.
  4. Billy Bookcase – a little DIY update coming soon! On sale for $59!
  5. Citronsyra pot – we scooped up multiple of these for planting herbs, vegetables, and fruit!
  6. Ingefära pot – multiple of these too for herbs. I’ll DIY these eventually… 😉
  7. Karaff – 2 of these for $1.49 each. These would be great for table centerpieces at a wedding!
  8. Socker watering can
  9. Lenda curtains – only got 2 because of the budget but we’ll be back for 2 more sets! We loved the way these looked compared to the others. It was between these and the Ritva and we ended up choosing these. We love the way they feel and look!
  10. Elly dish towels – picked up 4+ of these to make pillows out of and just to use for dishtowels. These are such a steal and are so cute! We got them for $2.99 for a pack of 4!
  11. Betydlig hardware – to hang the curtains with. If you have a big window you’ll need 3 each of these. For a big window, you’ll need 2, etc. So we picked up about 12. Ha!
  12. Racka curtain rod
  13. Befogad for the curtains – they actually only had white at the time but I spray painted these black and they’re just fine!
  14. Gurli cushion cover – $4 and has a zipper so it can be taken off and washed… Can’t beat it.
  15. Fjädrar pillow insert 20×20″ – $5.99… Also a steal. We purchased 2
  16. Bolmen – it’s not glamorous but necessary and inexpensive!
  17. Variera big – we purchased 2 because they’re great for organizing
  18. Variera small – same as above
  19. Fixa – this set was only $7.99 and it’s stuff we always need so inevitably it ended up in the cart
  20. Tokig – Stephen has wanted this salad spinner for months. Literally.
  21. Stödja utensil tray – ALL THE ORGANIZED DRAWERS!
  22. Stödja flatware tray – Again… Haha!

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Modern Farmhouse Ikea Finds

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