June 12, 2015

Goals for 2015

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Can you believe it’s already June 12, 2015? These past five months have blown by so quickly. I created a list back in January of my goals for the 2015 year and I thought I’d share them with you all so that you understand a little bit about what I strive for!

  • Run 5 marathons in 2015
  • Finish at least one “fun” book every month (textbooks not included)
  • Finish the entire Bible
  • Publish two papers on my research
  • Finish my literature review

So far I have:

  • Run 2 marathons: Kentucky Derby Marathon and Rock ‘n’ Roll San Diego. I am signed up to do two more, the Bar Harbor Marathon (Maine) in October and the Rocket City Marathon (Alabama) in December. I have to choose which one I’m going to do in November. Any suggestions? My mom is doing Harrisburg, PA so I might just join her but I kind of wanted to do the Pittsburgh full to check off Pennsylvania.
  • I’ve read a book every month so far! Most of them are sappy love stories but hey, that’s what I enjoy!
  • I’m making my way on the Bible. I use a plan from shereadstruth.com and I absolutely love it! If you haven’t heard about them or downloaded their app, I highly suggest you do so!
  • My research… It’s getting there. Until it’s done I can’t write much. At least I have completed my methods!

Just because it’s already June doesn’t mean you can’t continue setting goals! I set goals for myself every single morning, goals to reach by the end of the week, end of the summer, etc. Recently with my bum hand it has been something as simple as washing my hair and posting on the blog but it still brings me happiness to be able to reach them daily and then set even bigger ones to reach in the days and weeks ahead!

Another review will come up later today. Remember to leave suggestions for any products you wish to hear about!

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