July 9, 2021

Friday Favorites Featuring the Cutest Swing

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Happy Friday! I’m kicking off this glorious day by sharing some of our recent favorites. I haven’t done one of these in a while and boy do I miss them. They are so fun!

Baby Swing

Ellie’s Swing – My friend Amanda suggested this swing so my mom got it for Ellie to hang outside off a tree or on the front porch. I love that it isn’t bright blue, red, and yellow and very easy to collapse and store. Ellie has a BLAST whenever she is in it! It’s definitely a big time favorite of hers.

DIY Bug Spray

Our favorite Bug Off DIY – The bugs in Columbus, Mississippi are on a whole different level. My goodness! We’ve been using this DIY Bug Off recipe though and have been loving it! Not only does it work well for us but it smells even better! We spray it on our pups, baby, and ourselves. I just recommend trying a small area on the pets and babies before going buck wild with it. You can get all of the oils you need to make your own and become a member of our community (full of amazing resources and education) HERE! I will send you a bottle with a bug off label, a book, recipe cards, and more so that you have everything you need to get started!

Pizza dough recipe – Every Friday night we celebrate “Friday night pizza night”! It’s a designated time for us in which we make or order pizza and watch a show or movie. Once our kids are older, we plan on continuing on with this tradition but also adding games into the mix! Stephen and I LOVE games so we’re really looking forward to that. In the meantime though, we still have a blast doing this!

More often than not we make homemade pizza. I usually throw some sort of dough together during the day and one extra to freeze for the following week. We have tried dozens of recipes at this point but still have yet to find THE ONE. Don’t get me wrong, we have had some delicious attempts but they still aren’t exactly what I’m going for (which is as close to a pizza I tried in Italy is I can get 😉 ). THIS the recipe I’m trying out for the first time today and I have proofing as I sit here writing this! If you haven’t tried Mike’s Hot Honey on your pizza, you’re missing out! I thought it was a bit odd when my brother told us about it. Trust me, it’s DELICIOUS!

Air purifier – We’re currently in the process of gutting and making over our master bathroom. With this adventure has come a whole new level of STANK in our house. Woof. It is something else. We researched and decided to invest in this air purifier to attempt to help with that. The first night we plugged it in, the light on it was red, validating my strong opinions on the smell (I share more about that HERE). While the smell hasn’t completely dissipated, I think airing out the room and using the air purifier has definitely helped!

This cute peplum dress – I went to Walmart yesterday to get some things I needed to strip our laundry and ended up finding so many cute, inexpensive dresses! One of them was this peplum dress. It’s not nursing friendly but it’s a great staple for summer or transitioning into fall even. It would also work with a bump! I am wearing a small (4-6).

This weekend we’re going to tackle the plumbing in the master bathroom and hopefully get some drywall up. We are technically behind schedule but it’s alright. We got to spend a lot of quality time with family. What are you going to be up to this weekend? I hope it’s a great one!

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