December 10, 2019

Festive Porch and Wreath Adorned Exterior

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Christmas is almost here! Isn’t it amazing how fast it’s approaching? Here’s how we decorated the exterior of our South Caroline home this year (which is probably our last! How crazy!). We didn’t change things up a ton from last year’s outdoor decor because we loved it so much. We simply used our beloved Walmart wreaths, made them feel new and different with some fun ribbon, used the THIS 4′ and THIS 6′ tree we used last year, and added some smaller trees to the porch that we typically use inside.

Wreath Details

To add the bow to the ribbons, we just cut about a 3 foot piece of THIS ribbon, separated the branches a bit to create room for the ribbon, simply tied the ribbon around the 3 wires on the back of the wreath to create a knot on the front and then tied it into a bow. Just adjust the bow to your liking. It sounds very basic and simple and it is! Then to keep the bow from moving in the wind, I used a hot glue gun with a tiny bit of glue on the back of the loops of the bow and attached it to the nearest branch on the wreath. I did the same thing with the “tails” of the bow. It worked perfectly! Even with rain and heavy wind.

We attached THESE Command Hooks on the windows to hold the wreaths. We had one wreath fall off at the very beginning but when Stephen put it back and waited longer before hanging the wreath up, it did just fine. Again with rain and heavy wind!

Outdoor decor

One thing my mom does every year in her window boxes (that I completely forgot about) is she fills them with giant bulb ornaments of all different colors depending on the decor she’s going for. It ends up looking so cute and festive! I need to remember that for if we have another house with window boxes. 😉 Oh and also… The dogs broke the candles in the windows multiple times. Don’t get even me started with that one… But they looked SO pretty when lit!

Front porch

This year I put together a little basket of snacks and drinks together for the men and women that deliver our packages. Our businesses couldn’t run without them so it’s the least we could do! They seemed to really appreciate it!


Besides the ribbon on the wreaths, the doormat was the only other new item out here. It’s from Anthropologie and sold out, unfortunately. I’ll keep my eye out next year for something similar to share with you all!

The pom wreath was a DIY I shared on Instagram stories and HERE and WAY less expensive than its Anthro counterpart (also sold out). I have a feeling I’m going to be putting those pom pom makers to good use next year. The possibilities for fun projects are endless!

There you have it! The last time we’ll decorate the outside of this house for Christmas… It’s so bittersweet! It’ll be fun to have a different canvas to work with next year though. Thank you all so much for being here! You’re so appreciated.

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    Hi where are the boxes under the tree from?

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