March 27, 2018

[Budget Friendly] Easter Dresses From Target

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Budget Friendly Easter DressesEaster Sunday is quickly approaching! Questions have been popping up in my messages about what to wear so I thought it might be helpful to share some budget friendly Easter outfits. Most of us use this joyous day as a great excuse to don our Sunday best and rightfully so! It is a glorious day of celebration! He is RISEN!

I love this time of year. Spring is upon us (for some of the country at least… Is anyone else loving The Office Toby references to this snow storm?! Oh man they get me laughing every time…) which means it’s time to break out all of the florals and pastels! All. The. Hands. Raised.

All of that being said, it should be no surprise that my outfit picks scream spring. However, for those of you that don’t want to feel like the Easter Bunny puked on them, I have included options in here for you as well. 😉 It also should be no surprise that all of these options are less than $40. I asked on Instagram last week what people’s budgets would be for Easter outfits and most people said $50 or less. I personally don’t have a $50 budget for an Easter dress so I decided to take it down even further to $30 (for those that are wondering I would spend $30 MAX. That’s even pushing it for me right now with so many other things we need to buy for the house). Everyone’s budgets are different though!

Did I mentioned that all of these options can be found at Target? I realize this post is pretty late in the game (it originally wasn’t even on my blog schedule) so instead of including some of my favorites from places like SheIn, I’m sharing all of my favorite Target picks. If you order today it should be at your house in time or worst case scenario you can hop in the car and head down to the local Target to pick one of these cuties up there!

All shoes at Target right now are buy 1 get one 50%! Here are some of my favorites that can be worn many different ways for many different occasions.

One last thing — Even though it’s a really special time, I encourage you to ask yourself two questions before picking out a dress:

  1. Will I wear this dress again after Easter?
    • That’s honestly not something I would’ve asked myself 6 months ago but my mindset has really changed with clothes in terms of what I buy. A lot of money is wasted on occasions like this. Why? Just so that we aren’t judged for “wearing a dress over again”? How stupid! I try to pick items that can be worn multiple times, multiple different ways (I can do that with each dress above a minimum of three ways).
  2. Do I love this dress?
    • This might seem so obvious but it’s so important! Don’t spend your hard earned money on something just because you feel like you have to. If you don’t love it, then maybe opt for something that you do love that’s already in your closet.

I need to do these types of posts more often. They are so much fun! Happy Holy week, friends. I hope you have a good one!

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