December 19, 2016

Bourbon Trail Adventure | TBB

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Happy Monday and CHRISTMAS WEEK! Can you believe it’s only 6 days away? Holy camoly, Batman! It feels like it was just the fourth of July!

This past weekend I went to our dear friend’s wedding in Knoxville, Tennessee. [Ex] Roommate Caroline joined me in Kentucky before we started our drive and since we knew we were going to be driving along the Bourbon Trail we agreed that we had to make a brief stop…

There are 4 distilleries really close to each other on our route but we knew that we wouldn’t be able to stop at all of them so we decided to try out Town Branch Distillery. The distillery is surrounded by houses, a highway, and some other small roads so the location seems a bit random but the Christmas decorations adorning both the inside and outside of the buildings were beautiful. We decided to do a tour ($10.00) of the brewery and distillery and off we went. The tour lasted for about an hour and we got 4 tokens to either use on beer or bourbon (They are samples… They legally can’t get you drunk). Caro and I both got a sample of beer which we both shared so that we got to try two and we used the rest to taste the bourbon. It was all super interesting! We learned about quite a bit of brewing and distilling while we were in school but it was really fun to learn about how Town Branch produced their products and the history behind them. We soaked up all of the science of course and laughed pretty much the entire tour. The tour guide promised that he could get us to like bourbon by the end of the tour and well (I’m walking on thin ice, I know), that just wasn’t the case for me (or Caro). Let’s face it, I’m really just a Kentucky transplant. I will say though, we loved the Bluegrass Sundown, Kentucky Bourbon Barrel Ale and the Bourbon Barrel Stout!

We ended the tour by trying to get a decent picture in front of the building for about 10 minutes… We struggled with the wind and eventually realized that there was a security guard sitting in his car that had been watching us struggle the whole time. He felt guilty once he knew we saw him and offered to help us out. A littttttle bit late and embarrassing but it definitely made us laugh, a lot. One down, eight to go!

Tomorrow morning I’ll be posting my outfit details from the Instagram photo I posted from the wedding so be on the lookout!

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