October 14, 2020

Minimal Maternity Wardrobe – Summer Due Date

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About three years ago when I was packing up my closet to prepare for our move from Phoenix to South Carolina, I realized that I had so many clothes that I didn’t wear and I basically wore the same pieces on repeat. At that point, I got rid of so much stuff and decided I was going to start utilizing a capsule wardrobe.

It has been the absolute best! In general I don’t feel like I need to buy more clothes because I like all of the items in my capsule and I don’t frivolously spend money on random pieces here and there. If I do buy something new, it’s usually to replace something else that I own already. It makes getting dressed in the morning so simple! When I got pregnant though, I knew it would pose a problem because I wouldn’t fit into my clothes the entire pregnancy. As much as I loved browsing all of the super cute maternity options (confession: even before I got pregnant I’d do this), I didn’t want to spend a ton of money on things that I would only wear for a few months so I was determined to make what I already owned work, maybe buy non-maternity clothes that I could wear even when I wasn’t pregnant, and maybe buy a shirt and/or pair of shorts.

Overall, I think I did a pretty decent job. I only ended up buying one pair of maternity jeans, which I only wore a couple of times, one pair of maternity jean shorts, a white maternity tank, and a white maternity shirt. I could’ve survived without these things but they did become “needs” that I got tons of use out of. Everything else I wore were clothes that I already owned or clothes that were non-maternity that I’ll wear not pregnant (although they aren’t nursing-friendly…).

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I was pregnant from November to August in South Carolina where the winters are very mild. I know that makes things much easier compared to the climate in the northern states. I should also add that this was also during the pandemic so we got out way less than we did pre COVID measures which meant that I didn’t need to buy as much.



Since I work from home, worked out more often than not while pregnant, and it’s hot hot hot in South Carolina, a lot of the time I preferred to be wearing running shorts or leggings and a workout top. Everything I’m about to share is Lululemon. I know it’s expensive (if you’re a teacher, coach, or military make sure to use your 25% off if you can!) but these are all things that I wore pre-pregnancy and was able to wear even as I walked into labor and delivery at 40 weeks pregnant (no kidding… I wore Align leggings and a tank walking into the hospital that day!).

I wish I could provide recommendations on sizing but in Lululemon stuff especially, I’m kind of across the board when it comes to sizes. It just depends on the item so I suggest trying them on if you can. I didn’t buy anything specific for pregnancy like I said but for running shorts, since I was in between sizes, I did buy the bigger of the two.

FAQ – Leggings

I tried quite a few leggings from multiple brands and THESE were the most comfortable that stayed up while working out but weren’t too compressive… I was able to wear them over the bump the entire pregnancy without feeling like they were suffocating me. I also could roll them down to wear under the bump. Either way worked but I preferred the former option.

A few months into pregnancy I asked you all for recommendations on maternity clothes. You guys were so helpful and shared a bunch of them along with stores you like to shop for maternity options! If you want to check out that post you can find that HERE!

Let me know if you have any questions or need any other suggestions! Stay well, friends. I appreciate you!

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